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Unveiling the COCA & GoMining Extravaganza: Your Chance to Bag an Apple Vision Pro & Unique BTC Mining NFTs!

Win apple vision pro and 400 BTC mining NFTs

COCA, the pioneering MPC wallet featuring a unique non-custodial debit card, is thrilled to partner with GoMining for an exceptional promotional event, granting participants a chance to immerse themselves in the crypto realm and secure fabulous prizes. The inaugural 1,000 COCA devotees have already been rewarded with their exclusive NFT airdrops, embarking on their BTC mining adventure.

Join the COCA X GoMining Promotion for a shot at winning an Apple Vision Pro and becoming one of the 400 fortunate individuals to receive a BTC Mining NFT airdrop.

This promotion is a golden ticket for both veteran crypto fans and newbies to enrich their experience with COCA and GoMining.

How to Join:
  • Top up your wallet.

  • Activate your COCA card.

  • Complete your first card transaction.

  • Look forward to your BTC Mining NFT airdrop in our weekly draw.

Promotion Schedule:
  • Week 1 (7-13.03): 100 NFTs

  • Week 2 (14-20.03): 100 NFTs

  • Week 3 (21-27.03): 100 NFTs

  • Week 4 (28.03-4.04): 100 NFTs

Grand Prize: A lucky participant making any card transaction during the promotion will win an Apple Vision Pro.

Take advantage of a special GoMining NFT discount, exclusively for COCA users. Don't miss this opportunity to leap into the crypto world with us!

Disclaimer: The COCA Virtual Card is not currently available to UK residents.

COCA sets the security benchmark in the industry with its revolutionary non-custodial debit and virtual card. Utilizing MPC cryptography, it protects users from the vulnerabilities of seed phrases and private keys. Spend your digital assets freely at over 40 million global merchants, enjoying the highest security and optimal trading conditions. COCA ensures the best rates with its advanced comparison engine, covering 17 onramps and 182 payment methods.

With 7 years in Bitcoin mining and 9 data centers globally, GoMining introduces accessible mining via NFTs with the Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate protocol. NFT owners reap daily BTC rewards, reflecting their hashrate. GoMining's offerings range across 9 NFT collections, promising varying hashrate powers and energy efficiencies, along with a proprietary token that enhances the mining experience through savings, staking, and DeFi governance.

Get Started with COCA

Ready to transform your financial experience? Download the COCA MPC Wallet now and join the revolution:

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