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How to Use Your COCA Virtual Card Like Physical in less than 5 minutes!

Discover the easy integration of your COCA virtual card with Curve, an innovative step towards revolutionizing your digital finance experience. This guide will walk you through the simple yet impactful process of linking your COCA virtual card to Curve, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of managing your transactions. Perfect for those looking to streamline their financial operations, this connection opens up a world of possibilities, making every transaction smoother and more convenient.

What is Curve?

Curve is application which allows you to link your cards and use it with NFC on your mobile phone for a contactless payment. Even though Curve got other options we will focus on how to link a virtual COCA card with Curve.

After linking your COCA virtual card with Curve, you can use your virtual card in any store using NFC on your mobile phone.

Simple steps for linking your COCA virtual card.

First, you will need to go Curve website.

Please watch out that you write the correct web address.

The website will look like on this image.

Now you have to press button "GET CURVE". If you are on web browser it will take you to the third step below, but if you are on the mobile phone it will take you directly to the Curve app.

If you are using web browser after you click "GET CURVE" button you will see this QR code.

When you scan this QR code with your mobile phone it will take you directly to the Curve app.

When you install the Curve and when you finish KYC. You will see this image.

Here you need to press big plus on the top of your screen. When you done it, you will need to enter your card information.

Now you need to go to your COCA wallet.

Click on a "Card Details" like on the image below.

Copy your card information and paste it in Curve.

When place the information and press "Confirm" you will see that your card is saved in the Curve app and linked to the Curve. Since Wirex is the card issuer for COCA wallet you will see like on this image that your card have Wirex logo on it. In any case you can name your card how ever you want.

Virtual cards offer unparalleled convenience, but to use them in physical stores, connecting them to Curve is key. Once linked, you can effortlessly use your phone for daily payments, enjoying the same ease and accessibility as a physical card. This seamless integration brings the best of both worlds to your fingertips, making every transaction smoother.

Get Started with COCA

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