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Shop the world with Crypto: COCA Cards Now in APAC!

Exciting news! COCA Virtual Cards are now available in the APAC region, following their successful launch in Europe. This means you can now enjoy the convenience and security of spending your cryptocurrency holdings online and at merchants that accept MasterCard, just like you would with traditional fiat currency.

What are COCA Virtual Cards?

COCA Virtual Cards are a secure and easy way to spend your cryptocurrency. They are accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted, so you can use them for online purchases, in-app payments, and more. With COCA Virtual Cards, you can:

  • Spend your cryptocurrency holdings online and in-store: Enjoy the flexibility of using your crypto for everyday purchases without having to sell it first.

  • Benefit from global acceptance: At the moment COCA virtual card is accepted in Europe and now in the APAC region in the following countries:

  • 🇦🇺 Australia 🇭🇰 Hong Kong 🇳🇿 New Zealand 🇵🇭 Philippines 🇹🇼 Taiwan

  • Experience top-notch security: COCA Virtual Cards use state-of-the-art security features, including MPC technology and anonymous biometric backups, to keep your funds safe.

  • Enjoy an intuitive design: The COCA app is easy to use, making it simple to activate and manage your virtual card.

How to Get Started with COCA Virtual Cards

Getting started with COCA Virtual Cards is easy:

  1. Open the COCA app and navigate to the "Cards" section.

  2. Follow the easy steps to activate your virtual card.

  3. Start spending your cryptocurrency!

Looking Ahead

COCA is committed to redefining financial freedom across the globe. With plans to introduce COCA Virtual Cards to new regions and release COCA Physical Cards soon, we are on a mission to ensure that everyone, everywhere, can enjoy the benefits of seamless, secure, and rewarding financial transactions.

Ready to join the COCA revolution?

Download the COCA app today and activate your virtual card to start experiencing the future of finance.

Disclaimer: The COCA Virtual Card is currently not intended for UK residents.

Get Started with COCA

Ready to transform your financial experience? Download the COCA MPC Wallet now and join the revolution:

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