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Introducing the Revolutionary MPC Wallet with Non-Custodial Debit Card by COCA and Wirex

COCA and Wirex collaboration

Exciting news! COCA, in collaboration with Wirex, brings you the first-ever MPC wallet paired with a non-custodial debit card. This groundbreaking innovation fuses the robust security of MPC technology with the ease of everyday financial tools.

The heart of this wallet lies in its Multi-Party Computation cryptography, tackling the usual risks tied to seed phrases and private keys. This means enhanced security, recovery options, and hack-resistance - a groundbreaking move in digital wallet security.

Welcome to a New Age of Cryptocurrency Usage

Forget the inconvenience of preloading. COCA's non-custodial debit card introduces effortless cryptocurrency spending at over 40 million global merchants, offering an unmatched mix of safety and ease, transforming how you use digital assets.

Customized Card Options

Choose your style with COCA's virtual or physical cards, catering to both online shopping and in-store purchases.

Fee-Free Transactions

COCA eliminates bothersome fees, including monthly and foreign exchange costs, promoting true financial liberty.

Easy Cash Withdrawals

Easily withdraw up to $200 globally without fees, courtesy of COCA - your solution for smooth international transactions.

Coming Soon: IBAN Integration

Stay tuned for COCA's upcoming feature - IBAN integration for simpler Euro transactions and streamlined access to banking services, further closing the gap between digital and traditional finance.

Coming Soon: Legacy Transfer

Effortlessly pass on your digital legacy. Secure, simple asset transfer to your loved ones, ensuring your crypto lives on.

Coming Soon: Web3 Firewall

Real-time, user-friendly alerts defending you from Web3 threats, keeping your crypto journey secure and serene

Early Access Invitation

Be a pioneer in this fintech breakthrough. Register for early access at and join the forefront of financial technology innovation."

Get Started with COCA

Ready to transform your financial experience? Download the COCA MPC Wallet now and join the revolution:

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