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Celebrate the BTC Halving with COCA & Gomining

Bitcoin Halving Coca & Gomining

Join the Bitcoin Halving Festivities with COCA & Gomining: Win One of 300 BTC Mining NFTs!

The countdown to the Bitcoin Halving has begun, and COCA is here to turn the excitement up a notch! Be one of the lucky COCA users who could snag one of 300 BTC Mining NFTs, which will be defined randomly!

Here's the scoop: Every user with COCA card transaction made between April 5th and May 5th automatically enters you into the running. Whether you're paying for coffee, Netflix or shopping online, every swipe, tap, or click counts.

Why this buzz about Bitcoin Halving? This event is a significant milestone in the Bitcoin network that reduces the reward for mining new blocks by half, effectively diminishing the new supply of Bitcoin and potentially driving up its value. It's a time of celebration, anticipation, and, for many, strategic investment moves in the crypto community.

Mark your calendars and make sure your COCA card is ready for action. From April 5th to May 5th, every transaction is a step closer to possibly winning a unique piece of the crypto future. Dive into the halving hype with COCA and let's make this Bitcoin Halving one for the books!

How to join: 

  • Download on the App Store or get it on Google Play

  • Top up your wallet.

  • Activate your COCA card.

  • Make your card transaction.

  • Look forward to get you BTC Mining NFT.

Good luck!

Join us on Discord, follow on Twitter for more 

With 7 years in Bitcoin mining and 9 data centers globally, GoMining introduces accessible mining via NFTs with the Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate protocol. NFT owners reap daily BTC rewards, reflecting their hashrate. GoMining's offerings range across 9 NFT collections, promising varying hashrate powers and energy efficiencies, along with a proprietary token that enhances the mining experience through savings, staking, and DeFi governance.

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