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COCA Points have Arrived! Start Earning Rewards Today!

COCA Points Are Here! Your Key to Even More Rewards

Get ready COCA community, because we've just leveled up with the launch of the COCA Points System! This incredible rewards program is going to change the way you interact with the COCA ecosystem and earn rewards for everything you do.

What are COCA Points?

COCA Points are your ticket to unlocking exclusive benefits, discounts, and experiences within the COCA world. Think of them as your loyalty currency – the more you engage with COCA, the more points you earn.

Earning Points is a Breeze

Here's how you can start racking up COCA Points:

  • Get Social: Follow us, like our posts, and join the conversation on our social media channels.

  • Use the App & Card: Swap, transact, explore – every action within the COCA wallet earns you points. Plus, your COCA card turns everyday spending into rewards!

  • Create & Share: Put on your creative hat and share your COCA experience with blog posts, videos, or social updates.

  • Refer Your Crew: Invite your friends and family to experience the awesome benefits of COCA.

Introducing: The First COCA Points Farming Season

We're kicking things off with a bang! Join the inaugural COCA Points Farming Season and compete for a share of a 3500 USDT prize pool. The top 50 participants on the leaderboard after 30 days will walk away with awesome rewards.

This is about more than just points – it's about celebrating your commitment to the COCA community!

The Future of Rewards is Here

The COCA Points System is all about making your everyday crypto life more rewarding. We want to ensure that every action you take brings value right back to you.

Dive in and start earning! Head to to discover all the details and get started today!

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