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COCA 钱包:

MPC 安全技术遇见非托管卡

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Global Acceptance:

Use your physical card at millions of locations worldwide.

Smooth Transactions: 

Enjoy the reliability of traditional payment methods with advanced crypto integration.

Contactless Payments: 

Fast, secure, and convenient tap-to-pay technology.






  • 3D Secure adds an extra layer of security to online transactions by implementing two-factor authentication.

  • During an online purchase, you may be prompted to verify your identity through a pop-up window requiring a password or a one-time code.

  • It helps protect your card from unauthorized use and reduces the risk of fraud.

  • Yes, COCA Card supports 3D Secure. You may be prompted to use it for online payments with certain merchants.

  • Approve payments via SMS verification by following the provided instructions.

  • If you don't complete the verification, the transaction may be declined. Complete the process for secure payments.

  • While many merchants support 3D Secure, it is not universally implemented. You'll be prompted for verification where required.

  • Log into your COCA Wallet app, navigate to the 'Cards' section, and follow the instructions to activate your card.

  • Yes, your COCA Card can be used at millions of locations worldwide wherever Visa/Mastercard are accepted.

  • Immediately log into your COCA Wallet app and block it. You can also contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

  • Log into your COCA Wallet app, navigate to the 'Cards' section, choose the account to top up, and select one of the available options: direct deposit from your COCA Wallet or an external deposit using crypto requisites.

  • The COCA Card offers competitive rates with no hidden fees. For detailed information, refer to the COCA Wallet app or website.

  • The COCA Card is provided in collaboration with Wirex, ensuring a high-quality and secure financial product backed by a trusted partner.



  • Online delivery tracking is available for DHL Express only. Track your delivery using the provided tracking number.

  • Ensure the address entered during ordering is correct, checking for any errors.

  • If your card hasn't arrived, contact DHL for Express delivery or your local post office for Standard delivery.

  • If issues persist, contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

    • Incorrect address

    • Incomplete or inaccurate address

    • Card lost or stolen during delivery

For these issues, contact Customer Support promptly.

We will help resolve the problem and ensure your card is delivered as quickly as possible.

* The COCA Wallet's Virtual and Physical Cards and its features are provided in cooperation with its partner licensed e-money institutions in the UK and EU


** Your crypto will be automatically converted to fiat at the time purchase.

***Feature availability depending on your region of residence, and subject to eligibility conditions. For more details, see Coca Wallet’s Legal Terms. The Physical Card and Virtual Cards powered by Coca Wallet are a prepaid Mastercard issued by Wirex Limited (in the UK), a principal member of Mastercard or UAB Wirex (in the EEA).

COCA Wallet



Instant Activation:

Get your digital card ready in moments.

Secure Online Shopping: 

Shop online with peace of mind.

Digital Wallet Integration:

Effortlessly integrate with all your digital wallets.

Crypto Management:

Manage your crypto assets with ease.


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